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Additional Programmes

"To control the breathing is to control the mind. With different patterns of breathing, you can fall in love, you can hate someone, you can feel the whole spectrum of feelings just by changing your breathing" - Marina Abramovic.


Through guided meditation discover a new level of focus and calm. Become the master of your mind. Dismantle old patterns you have put in place to limit your expectations and protect you from success. Recognise the hindrance such things put upon your future development and progress through life. Realise the power you have when standing out from the crowd. Together we find the bravery in your individuality.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information of who we should be, how we should look and what we should aspire to. This desensitizes us in reality and creates a void between what we think we know and who we think we are. The distance increases greatly from our true self leading to the lack of contentment in our lives and the disillusionment in our search for pure happiness.


Begin the process of dismantling the machine you've allowed to run your life for you. By re-balancing the energy you hold in your body with the power of Reiki. Using this technique of stress reduction and relaxation. Activate this natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well-being. As your energies are guided and channelled at Up Front Coaching this results in you feeling comfortable in your skin and rejuvenated in your mind and body.

Voice Confidence Training

Working on strengthening an inner confidence by focusing on breath technique and building a voice to be heard in the world around you.

Self-expression is found in the union of mind and body becoming one. Core breathing is the foundation of this approach. With this comes the inner support you need to allow your voice to have the platform to speak freely. unifying the sound coming out of your body with the intent created in your mind. Delivering your message with truth, integrity and confidence. Turning your entire universe to the perfect pitch.

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