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'When we step across that line and give ourselves to the unknown, it must be a place of complete and unconditional surrender.' RYAN MOLLOY

Welcome to Kirtan Chanting!

Kirtan is a Sanskrit word for coming together in praising of the name.

You may ask the name of what?

The higher power that is within us all. It is a coming together with your own state of grace. To Identify with the unique signature that is within you, the essence of who you truly are.

For some of us that might be a particular path, faith or tradition we follow. If so, bringing those ideals into the Kirtan Satsang (a group or company of truth) will allow you to fully enjoy and discover the possibilities that can be experienced during this immersive yoga of sound.

This practise uses the power of Sanskrit mantras that are chanted in the form of call and response lead by your Kirtan Leader. This is a form of vocal meditation, but you don't have to be a good singer to enjoy this devotional practice. As you will be guided in how to use the resonance of your voice to turn within.

For a lot of us expressing our emotions, feelings and inner thoughts through our voices into the world around us either in conversation, song or public speaking is a daunting prospect. Most of us run for the hills if it is merely suggested.

But the benefits that come from facing your fears and connecting with your true voice can outweigh any created scenario that has been living in your head, uninvited, holding you back, trying to silence your hearts true intensions.

Kirtan call and response chanting is the ideal way to begin to open up that inner channel inside you, allowing your creative desire for the energy and life within you to flow freely without judgement.

It helps you to quiet the inner critic with the power of your own voice and delicately restore harmony in the places in you that have been silent for too long. Self confidence comes from the realisation that you have always had this ability to achieve what was once diagnosed by your mind as the impossible.

For your heart will always find a way to sing. This is Kirtan Chanting with Ryan Molloy.


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