"Meditation creates a split second window of opportunity which allows you the time in your life to make better decisions." Ryan Molloy

It is medically proven that meditation can help with depression, lower anxiety and blood pressure and heighten your over all well-being, leading to a calmer more balanced life. Since I began my practice in 2015 I noticed the benefits in my day to day world almost immediately. These have now grown over time, all achieved by giving myself the gift of this mental stillness, which I now can maintain with just 10-20 minutes of meditation per day (although it is your personal preference how long you would like to enjoy this inner luxury).

The practice has helped enhance my self esteem and confidence in my career and personal life, whilst lessening my worry and impulsiveness about the future.

I would like to share my 12 minute introductory guided meditation download, that I have specifically designed to help purify and regenerate the body and the mind.

I hope you enjoy the experience as a welcoming to the wonderful world within.

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