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Over the years when appearing on worldwide stages, tv shows, acting and singing in front of thousands, there has not been one time when I haven't been waiting in the wings scared to death!

Fear can play a huge part in our lives and can both serve to assist or hinder our progress when chasing our dreams. Fear of failure can prevent us from attempting great things, (even a fear of success can dismantle our true calling), but a healthy dose of nervousness can equally be put to good use. Just consider the fight or flight effect which kicks in when we're about to take that step into the unknown; it spurs us on with an energy that seems to come from nowhere. The crucial key to success, particularly in performing, is in how you deal with the fear. Tackling it 'head on' can very often result in resounding success and the next step on one's vocational ladder.

As a creatively minded artist, I am passionate about each and every person out there achieving their full potential and not being held back by that inner voice convincing them they can't succeed.

Within my coaching sessions, I aim to provide that missing link between inner ambition and the realisation of your success.

When taking on my coaching programme, we work towards reuniting an individual's innermost expression with the outwardly visible persona. With a combination of cognitive training, meditation and discussion, we build improvement physically, psychologically and emotionally. We concentrate on strengthening your methods of self-expression and delivery with breathing techniques, thus improving articulation with confidence and clarity.

This controlled technique serves to reward the speaker with fluent expression every time; whether it's required for public speaking, performing, wedding speeches, interviews, auditions or merely presenting oneself confidently in social situations.

The ultimate aim? For every individual to then move on and achieve fully in their chosen field.