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Who I was before meditation compared with who I am now, is very much the same- in essence.

I have achieved some amazing things in my life and career, all of which without meditation as we recognise it... that is, meditation in the sense of giving myself the time to sit, close my eyes, breath and just 'be' for a small period of time.

On the other hand, it could be said I have actually been in a meditative state most of my life, to some extent. I was driven and focused and had set an outcome in my mind for what I wanted to achieve; all of which I must say were attained in one way or another.

So then, why did I start meditating? I was seemingly doing fine without it, right?

By all intents and purposes I was. But was I happy? Really, truly happy? Was I ever content with myself in the here and now? The honest answer is no, not really!

I began to realise that the constant need for more, to do better, to be better was affecting my enjoyment of all the things I had actually achieved in my life so far. This, in turn, was impacting on my happiness in every-day life.

We can get caught up in tirelessly searching for the best version of ourselves, believing that there is someone out there that is beyond the person that you are right now. The truth is there's not.

You are who you are right now. This is it. You are alive, congratulate yourselves. This is the best you are ever going be at this present moment in time. All you have to do is learn to enjoy it.

Through meditation, I came to realise that life is unsustainable if you're constantly driving as fast as your thoughts will carry you. Walking the tightrope between bottomless disappointment and immeasurable success is not a long- term plan for a calm state of mind. I wanted to reward myself for all the things that I had done in my life. The bravery I had shown in the face of such adversity, the beautiful dreamer I was and still am and will continue to be. I believe because of meditation, these ideals have a chance of preservation.

In the ferocious sea of neurosis, I've thrown myself a lifeline. In this Atlantic of uncertain circumstance, I bob up and down in, every day praying the sharks don't bite me, I've given myself hope of something better. Something complete without the acceptance of anyone else's judgement.

I found a glimpse of a tremulous shred of some self-control that I could possibly strengthen over time with a disciplined practise of compassion and gratitude.

Meditation allows me to check in with that primitive animal in my soul and feed him from my hand without the fear or hesitation that he will bite off all my fingers. It's an assurance that he is me and I should be protected, cared for, supported and loved.

It's a reminder that this self-care should be my responsibility and the reward would be peace, calm and freedom from all self-judgment and shame.

It sounds like a dreamworld, an impossible mountain of personality to climb. But in the silence, where the self-perpetuating ego fades, the mind and body can overcome.

The final frontier is not somewhere out there, some prize that needs to be attained to gain fulfilment, it's the quiet, gentle voice inside that needs to be turned up until it deafens all elements of self-doubt and banishes the concept of fear from your very being.

This is what mediation has done for me.

It has lit up the path of breadcrumbs and all I have to do is follow it back home to where my true self awaits me with open arms.

Introduction to our 5 Week foundation course on Meditation

Week 1

The aim of this first meeting is to build confidence in the client, giving them a simply outline of the daily practice.

Week 2

This week will be relaxed and knowledgeable the client feeling more reassure in the benefits of mediation through the introduction of science and medical experts.

Week 3

This week is intended to be fun and experimental as weeks 4 and 5 will be a bit more challenging.

Week 4

This week will be focused on being creative and empowering

Week 5

This final week will be enlightening and supportive- the goal being to send the client into their own meditation practise with a sense of achievement and personal accomplishment. This will be accompanied by a virtual mind map of that individual's own daily practise and growth within meditation.

*NB* The student will be asked to keep a meditation dairy over the 5 weeks. This is a method of gifting the student with an insight into their daily practise and progression throughout the course.


Your investment for the 5 week Course will be £225

The student rate which applies to all students with a valid NUS card will be £185

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